Adel 38 (Apo-Spast)

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For the treatment of twitching, convulsions cramps are all body part, stiffness and paralysis states.


Ammi visnaga 8X, Atropa belladonna 4X, Cuprum aceticum 4X, Hyoscyamus niger 4X, Nicotiana tabacum 8X, Potentilla anserine 12X, Secale cornutum 6X, Strychnos ignatii 6X.


Ammi visnaga is a very modern ingredient of the complex, which acts mainly against asthmatic cramps of the bronchial muscles, but over this, it is the reliable remedy for angina pectoris, neurocirculatory dystonic states, hypotony, colon cramps, and spastic situations, produced by urinary stones.

Atropa belladonna is a complete historic spasmolytic matter for convulsions and cramps in all parts of the body and hollow organs, which over this offers important anti inflammable influences, included congestions of the head and states of being restlessness.

Cuprum aceticum is a well-known remedy against convulsions, cramps of all muscles of the body, special groups of muscles, calf cramps, colics, and collapses.

Hyoscyamus niger is a well known old healing plant against twitchings, convulsions and spastic developments in the respiratory organs and the digestive ways. Over this, it regulates excitements of the brain compounded with sleeplessness, colic states in the abdomen and other spasms, in a reliable manner.

Nicotiana tabacum is a proven constringent and vasodilation remedy. It is indications a very good treatment for coronary spasms, angina pectoris, sclerotic processes and readiness for collapses in combination with mental disturbances. For the internal middle and intestinal organs or the musculoskeletal system with stiffness and flaccid paralysis states the matter is well indicated.

Coming from phytotherapy Potentilla anserina was introduced in the modern homeopathy. And it is a very useful matter, as it is an omnipotent spasmolytic one for gastritis, ulcers ventriculi and duodenal cramps of and colitis states. Over this, it acts against dysmenorrhoea cramps and pains, but you cannot find the indications for this plant in all homeopathic literature!

While cuprum showed disturbances of wrong heat accumulations and cyanotic symptoms, painfull internal spasms of the vessels and numbness are the domäne of Secale cornutum caused by endogen toxic states one finds a change indication of coldness to burning heat feelings.

Strychnos ignatii is medicine for trembling, congestions, cramps and for hysteric conditions of a person. These are psychosomatic situations after a mind hurt, and so it very often is used as a single or combination remedy.


Adults – 15–20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Original Packing: 20 ml sealed bottle.