Adel 51 (Psy-Stabil)

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For mental and emotional stresses leading to anxiety, mood swings without reason, school strain, and examination anxiety.

Modern lifestyles often cause mental and emotional stresses that can result in nervous dysfunction, and later somatic illnesses. These disruptions should not be treated solely by sedation, but rather also by the harmonizing therapy provided by ADEL 51 (PSY-stabil) drops, which enable patients to once again function normally in their daily social and job responsibilities.


Acidum phosphoricum 4X, Amanita muscaria 4X, Cinchona pubescens 4X, Strychnos ignatii 4X, Piper methysticum 8X, Schoenocaulon off 6X, Semecarpus anacardium 12X, Avena sativa 12X.

Acidum phosphoricum treats nervous exhaustion and mental and emotional strain that cause symptoms such as apathy, worry, mental escape and sleepiness during the day with sleeplessness at night.

Amanita muscaria combats nervous distraction. Using a 6X potency in this remedy achieves proper regulation of the nervous system, thereby addressing mental confusion, dizziness, stress headaches and twitching of the face muscles. It also helps free the patient from fears.

Cinchona pubescens works systemically to treat nervous hypersensitivity and weakness helps regulate a nervous thyroid gland and normalizes intestinal tract function.

Strychnos ignatii improves the mood and treats the effects of worry, fear, and psychosis. In addition, it combats chronic melancholy and helps the user deal with personal slights and insults that could not previously be forgiven or forgotten. It also helps relieve migraines, disruptions of the digestive tract (inflammation or colic), a tight or blocked feeling in the throat that indicates hyper excitement, and chronic burping (eructation) as a result of severe mental strain.

Piper methysticum brightens the mood and calms and relaxes as if the patient had taken a tranquilizer. It treats psychological disturbances and mental exhaustion to provide a peaceful feeling free from fear. All substances combined in this remedy work synergetically to combat mental exhaustion and anticipatory fear of what the day will bring, and help improve performance.

Schoenocaulon off treats anxiety, influences the central nervous system, and relieves fear and nervousness that often result from cardiac arrhythmia, functional disruption of the stomach or Globus hystericus.

Semecarpus anacardium treats the inability to perform mental work combined with irritation, lack of concentration, fear of the future and failure, exhaustion and memory weakness.

Avena sativa is excellent for treating people who feel that too much is being demanded of them. It helps relieve vegetative dystonia, nervous heart beat, excessive worrying and emotional mood swings. In addition, this substance contributes a number of valuable amino acids, phosphates and vitamins to this complex.


Adults – 15–20 drops, Teenagers – 7–10 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Original Packing: 20 ml sealed bottle