Adven D-Tox Drop

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(De-addiction Drops) 

Reduces addiction to alcohol & tobacco.(Strychninum Nitrate,Caladium). 

Reduces after effects of nicotine, alcohol & strong medications (Kalmegh). 

COMPOSITION: Strychninum Nitrate 3D, Avena Sat. Q, Quercus Gland Spiritus 2D, Kalmegh Q, Caladium 3D, Daphne Indica 2D, Purified water q.s. DOSAGE:15-20 drops diluted with half tablespoon (approx. 7.5 ml) of water taken twice daily. 

Inacute cases, to be taken four times daily. For optimum results, use the medicine regularly, two doses a day for atleast 3-4 months then reduce the dose to once in a day & gradually to a minimum of two doses in a week. 

The medication may be discontinued by increasing the period of days without which the patient shows no reversal of state.