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Combination of essential minerals with important Indian herbs used in ayurvedic medicine. 
Provides the essential ingredients necessary for cell function and is also useful for patients whose digestion is poor.

As a supplement : For patients with poor quality diet and whose digestion is weak.
In general debility: Patients with lack of mental and physical energy, senile debility, loss of memory and concentration, premature ageing due to disease or stress.
Infant feeding : Given with fresh milk for infants who are not breast-fed or bottle-fed. It improves digestion, bowel habits, general health and helps weight gain.
Growing children : Meets the increased demand for minerals, and other nutrients, corrects malnutrition, improves appetite, mental and physical energy and helps weight gain.
Nursing mothers : Supplies the increased demands of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals during pregnancy and lactation. Abolishes the strain of breast feeding and enriches breast milk.
Mental workers : To overcome physical and mental stress due to overwork and tension.
Elderly persons : For health restoration in old age.
Illness and Convalescence : Helps to raise the defense mechanism of the body, hastens quicker recovery by improving appetite and digestion.
Anemia : As an adjunct in the treatment of anemia. Corrects general debility, improves appetite