Alfa Plus Tablet

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  • Alfa Plus tablet is an excellent multivalent family tablet for general improvement and stamina. 
  • It gives power to endure prolonged physical exertion without feeling fatigued, it also helps from falling ill frequently.
  • Tones up appetite 
  • Removes feeling of fatigue 
  • Influences nutritive function. 
  • Wholesome nutrition & Growth promoter.
  • Supplement during pregnancy and Lactation.
  • Perfect tonic for nerves and Kidneys.
  • Stress buster, corrects Anaemia.
  • Healthy ageing.


Alfalfa Q: Alfalfa favourably influences nutrition, tones up the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigour and gain in strength.


Take 2 tablets before meal, 3 times a day.