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Aloe Refresh

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Rejuvenate your skin daily with ‘Aloe Refresh’ luxury soap. This refreshing fragrance stimulates and uplifts your senses leaving the skin mildly scented. Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Honey and Cucumber work together to help repair and nourish your skin leaving it enriched and glowing.

What is grade-1 soap? – The quality of soap depends on the total fatty matter (TFM). Higher the TFM in the soap better is the quality. ‘Aloe Refresh’ is grade-1 (TFM Min. 76%) soap. Fillers like talc/chalk powder etc., are added to make grade-2 and grade-3 soaps which reduce the TFM, quality and cost.

‘Aloe Refresh’ is a gentle soap which does not contain any Preservatives, Foam boosters, Anti-bacterial chemicals, Fillers & No Added Colour.


Aloe Vera Gel (20mg) : Moisturises and Restores pH balance
Olive Oil (3mg) : Softens skin naturally
Honey (2mg) : Relieves blemishes and rich in vitamins
Cucumber (2mg) : Improves complexion and rejuvenates skin
Neem (2mg)*Soap Base (Q.S.).