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Avis Joint Mukthi (30's) Tablets are Pure Ayurvedic Joint pain capsules based on safe & harmless Ayurvedic formula, which helps in to reduce Joints Pain, Backache, Muscular Sprain, Stiffness of Joints, Sciatica. 

After Successful Launching In Australia. Cellery Extract Is Found Be Very Effective In Relief From Gout, Joint Inflammation And Joint Pains Cellery Extracts Main Action Is Flushing Out The Uric Acid Crystals That Builds Around The Joints Which Causes Severe Pain.

It Is A Very Effective Diuretic. Joint Mukthi Tablets Also Consist Of 3 Traditional Ingredients Which Are Individually Very Good Pain Relievers. By Using Joint Mukthi Tablets There Will Be No Gastric Irritation And Gastric Bleeding.