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Ayukalash Heart Care

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Corrects Heart Line and improves Life Line. Ayukalash is a heart rejuvenation formula.enriched with goodness of Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Mulakshar, Yavaksar etc. to increase lipid metabolism.

Provides natural Defence against toxins, helps to flush away toxins, prevents aging and increases overall efficiency of the heart.


  1. Reduces chances of heart attack and heart damage
  2. Improves circulation to vital organs
  3. Reduces damage and hardening of blood vessels
  4. Clears blockages in blood vessels
  5. Reduces chance of heart disease
  6. Reduces harmful cholesterol or LDL
  7. Increases beneficial cholesterol or HDL
  8. Reduces Triglycerides
  9. Reducing the effects of age on your body
  10. Helps to Flush away Toxins
  11. Prevents Aging
  12. Increases overall efficiency of the Heart

Ayukalash is 100% herbal formulation helps in healthy functioning of heart and cardiovascular system by decreasing free radical damage. Reduces cholesterol, nourishes the cardiac muscles and increase activity. Ayukalash also significantly reduces free radical damage in brain and other parts of body helps to protect from its harmful effect.



  • 10 -15 ml, empty stomach with luke warm water, once a day
  • As directed by the physician