Baybesan Drops

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An ideal baby tonic that improves liver & stomach functions, increases appetite. Promotes growth by toning up the system.


Andrographis paniculata-Q, Chamomilla-Q, Carica papaya-Q, Gentiana lutea-Q Cinchona off-Q Alfalfa -Q Sarsaparilla -Q, Embelia ribes-Q, Kali phos-3x, Calcarea phos-3x, Natrum phos-3x, Mag phos-3x, Ferrum phos-3x, Syrup, Caramel Colour and Alcohol 10% v/v


Infant -1/4 tsf. thrice daily. Children (2-5 Years) -1/2 tsf. thrice daily. Children (above 5 years) -1 tsf. thrice daily or as directed by the physician.