BBP Five phos elixir

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Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Five phos elixir : is a composition of the five important in-organic tissue salts of bio-chemistry. These salts are prepared by trituration in accordance with the established principles of homoeopathy.

In the form these cells salt are readily absorbed by the body.Calc phos- useful in dentition, also as a growth supplement for children. old age. ferr phos- potentised form of iron. acts on the blood improving hemoglobin. Kali phos- is a essential constituent of the brain and nerve cells.

Mag phos- is an anti-spasmodic and analgesic which acts on the central nervous system. Nat phos- very effective in gastric and intestinal disturbance like colic, diarrhea etc. it correct the acid condition of the stomach.

Dosage:Adults: one table spoon full 3 times a day. Children :one teaspoon full 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.