Chukku Thailam

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Directions for usage For external use only. Used for massaging purpose and as a bath oil, also used as nasal and ear drops.

Indications : Massaged on body in cephalalgia of before Chandiravarththam, Sooriyavarththam (Morning headache) and Amavadham (rheumatic affections) Used as Nasiyam (nasal drops) in Thalaivali (head aches) and Peenisam (sinusitis) / Gargled with some water in dental diseases (Pal noigal) such as dhantavayu (odontalgia) and Palaranai (dental caries). Used as ear drops (2 drops) in Kaadhu vali (ear ache). Applied to scalp in Thalai vali (head aches). In cases of Marbu kozhai (cold), Thondai kattu (sore throat) and Kural kammal (hoarseness of voice), this is very effective when used as a head bath oil.