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SBL’s CINERARIA MARITIMA EUPHRASIA EYE DROPS helps keep the eye free from infections. It helps to curb the onset of cataract and is safe and effective for long-term use. CME can be used regularly by persons above the age of 40 and those suffering from Diabetes. CME is also useful in conditions of redness, irritation and watering of eyes.


Cineraria maritima Q

Euphrasia Q

Calcarea fluorica 10x

Calendula officinalis Q

Kali muriaticum 10x

Magnesia carbonica 10x

Silicea 10x


Irritation due to foreign bodies

Clouding of vision

Double vision

Poor night vision

Colours seem faded

Halo around lights


Instil 1-2 drops into the eye 3-6 times a day for several months or as prescribed by the physician.