Dabur Saraswatarishta

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Saraswatarishtam is useful for all age groups. It provides strength to heart muscles as well as improves blood supply to heart muscles. It is helpful in condition of memory loss due to any cause. It is a nerving tonic and has special effect on central nervous system.


  • It promotes intelligence. It is a Medhya Rasayana (Cognition enhancer).
  • It is an appetizer, anti-anxiety and a rejuvenator.
  • It improves total mental ability.
  • Its daily use promotes brain sharpness.
  • It cures mental diseases.
  • It is also useful in problems related to speech such as stammering, hoarseness of voice etc.
  • Its use cures digestive and bowel problems
  • It is useful in sexual debility, seminal weakness and general debility.
  • It is useful in menstrual disorders.
  • It is alterative, tonic and relaxes nervous system.