Dhathri Daily Hair Oil

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Daily Hair Oil is 100% Coconut oil based, non-sticky Ayurvedic hair oil with a pleasant smell which helps to energize hair and prevent mild hair fall and add shine to hair.

Daily Hair Oil contains Indian Aloe, Coconut oil, Liquorice and milk which provides intense moisturization.

It helps to reduce hair damage, control hair fall and support hair growth. Indian Aloe, Coconut oil, and milk keep your hair smooth, soft and non-frizzy.


Daily care & maintenance with Dhathri Daily Hair Oil makes hair continuously caressed with the phytoactive present in the oil which is derived from Heartseed, Triphala & Indian Aloe. The special herb processing and oil washing methods make the oil non-sticky and light to make the oil suitable for daily use. The processing of oil with herbs makes the oil effective in preventing hair loss on daily usage.

  • Hair Energizer: The special herbal combination of Trailing Eclipta, Thyme, Muskroot, and Camphor stimulates and energizes hair follicles and aids in healthy hair growth.
  • Daily nutrients: It provides all the necessary nutrients to keep hair follicles healthy and prevents mild hair fall.
  • Daily Moisturization: Indian Aloe, Coconut oil, Liquorice, and milk provide intense moisturization to hair. It will keep your locks moisturized, shiny and healthy. It also stimulates hair roots, rejuvenates hair follicles to give you healthy and lively hair.

  • Daily Management: It keeps hair smooth, soft and non-frizzy and hence easily manageable.