Femino Care Capsules

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Femino Care capsule is a potent uterine tonic, and has stimulatory action on the endometrium.


* Its tonic property improves uterine circulation and its anti microbial and astringent actions on the mucous membrane of the genital system controls leucorrhoea.

* Femino care's combination of ingredients like Shatavari, usheera and amla improves general health, stimulates appetite and relieves the complications associated with leucorrhoea and irregular menstruation.

* This medicine is found effective in all types of uterine problems like Fibroids, cysts, overbleeding, endometriosis, painful menstruation etc.

Special Precaution: During treatment, diet shall be controlled under careful medical supervision.


Shatavari, Usheera, Amalaki, Sunti, Madhuka, Sariba, Ponkaram


1 - 2 caps twice a day for 3 - 4 months.