Mahavallathy Legiyam

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Dosage and adjuvants: 3 gms. with milk after food twice a day for 45 days (or) as directed by the physician..

Indications : 21 types of Megam (Group of STD disorders), Kiranthi (Syphilis), Arayappu (Bubo), Sulai (Neuralgic Pain), Vettai (Infective Uretheral discharge), Karappan (Eczema), Pilavai (Carbancle), Sori (Itchy patches), Siranku (Scabies), Enpu suram (Oesteo-myletis), Suram (Fever), Asthivettai, Moolavayu (Vatha disorders of the lower intestine), Usnavayu (Vatha disorder), Pouthiram (Fistula), Vellai (Leucorrhoea), Kaikalmutakku (Paralysis of both upper and lower limbs, immobilization of fingers and toes), All types of Vitam (Poisionous bites) and 18 types of Tolu noi (Skin disorder).