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Mercurius Iod Rubrum Trituration 3X Tablet

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SBL Mercurius Iod Rubrum Trituration Tablet is a homeopathic medicine which is a useful remedy for treating bacterial infections. It is effective in treatment of throat infections, diphtheria, ulcers in throat.

Swelling in the gums, glands, nasal bones, and throat is also reduced by the use of this medicine. It is an excellent remedy for cracks and fissures in skin, and ulcers.


  • Bin iodide of mercury
  • Lactose


  • Helps in treating Diphtheria
  • Cures ulcerated sore throats
  • Helps in healing glandular swelling
  • Useful in chronic suppurating buboes
  • Helpful in early stages of cold and cough
  • Soothes inflammation of the tonsils
  • Treats painful and hard swellings
  • Reduces stiffness of the muscles


Take 2-4 tablets four times a day, or as prescribed by a physician