Nagarjuna Dandroff HairOil

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It Use Himalaya’s Anti Dandruff Hair Oil which not only provides the proper nutrients and prevents hair loss but also eliminates microbial infections and keeps your scald dandruff free. Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil works as the anti-microbial agent and Neem soothes the scalp.Couple it with Himalaya’s Anti Dandruff Shampoo for best results.

 Apply Dano after head bath when hair is dry Apply Dano over the scalp and rub well over the surface using finger ends Dano is presented in an easily absorbing and non-sticky form Dano is recommended for use as regular hair oil. Use of any other hair oil or creams therefore not necessary Wash hair regularly and clean the scalp with herbal hair care powders or formulations.For cleaning of hair, one could use either hot or cold soft water.