Neeri KFT Syrup (Sugar Free) - For Kidney diseases

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Neeri KFT is a blend of carefully chosen, scientifically proven herbs with pronounced therapeutic activity and safety. It provides primary kidney care with vital phytoconstituents acting synergistically as a natural nephroprotective. Neeri KFT provides a high strength of antioxidant protection to the kidneys. It helps in significantly protecting healthy kidneys from possible damage from potentially nephrotoxic drug molecules like – Gentamycin, (aminoglycosides), Cisplatin, Cyclosporins, Acyclovir, Amphotericin, Penicillins, Rifampicin, etc besides heavy metals and pollutants. It also helps in the management of compromised kidney functions due to various factors. Neeri KFT, scientifically proven formulation helps maintain normal kidney functions by improving the functional capacity of nephrons.
Overview of major actions of Kidney function
  • Reduces elevated blood urea & serum creatinine
  • Improves functional capacity of kidneys
  • Protects kidneys against nephrotoxins
  • Restores electrolytes homoeostasis for improving glomerular filtration rate
  • Acts as antioxidant thereby prevents kidney oxidative stress and nephrotic degenerations
  • Strengthens defence mechanism of the body, supplementing immunomodulating agents.
  • Tends to stimulate regenerative process in nephrons, thereby helps delays dialysis requirement.
  • Tends to detoxify the effects of nephrotoxic drugs or components.
  • Protects kidneys by renal vasodilation, acting as diuretic and ACE inhibitor.
  • Heals renal injuries, restoring healthier cellular architecture.