NutriSlim Green Tea

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Nutrislim green tea is an instant green tea pre-mix to support weight loss and to maintain weight. It is an herbal preparation made up of potent Ayurvedic herbs. Nutrislim Green tea contains catechins, flavinoids, and polyphenols.

Catechins helps in lowering the plasma cholesterol levels, reduces the lipid peroxidation. Flavonoids are potent antioxidants that are absorbed from the gut after consumption and significantly increase the antioxidant levels.

Garcinia (Garcinia indica) is also found in Nutrislim Green Tea which contains Hydroxy citric acid which helps in lowering the production of cholesterol and fatty acids, Promotes energy & Suppresses appetite.

Lemon Contents present in green tea contains Vitamin-C, Flavonoids, and Potassium which acts as rich anti-oxidant. The antioxidant levels keeps one fresh throughout the day.


    1. Nutrislim Green tea acts as Stimulant, diuretic and refreshing.

    2. Nutrislim Green tea promotes fat metabolism in overweight and obese adults.

    3. Nutrislim green tea helps to maintain weight by controlling the fat production in body.

    4. Nutrislim green tea helps in reducing the cholesterol and lipids levels in body

    5. Nutrislim green tea naturally prevents the anti-aging process of the skin


    Add 1 sachet(3gm) of Nutrislim Green Tea premix powder into 130 ml of hot water.Stir homogenously & sip delicious lemon flavored fresh green tea.

    1 sachet (3 gm)in 130 ml of hot water twice a day, For best results Use continuously for about 6 months.

    Not recommended for Pregnant and Lactating women