Paintox Drops

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Pain of various origins-muscular, neuralgic, bony etc. Lumbago, gout, sprains with swelling & redness. Arthritis.


Each ml contains- Rhus toxicodendron 3x 0.10ml HPI, Arnica montana 3x 0.10ml HPI, Radium bromide 8x 0.10ml HPI, Guaiacum 3x 0.10ml HPI, Colocynthis 3x 0.10ml HPI, Hypericum perforatum 3x 0.10ml HPI, Urtica urens 1x 0.10ml HPI, Symphytum officinale 3x 0.10ml HPI, Strontium carbonicum 3x 0.10mg HPI, Magnesium phosphoricum 3x 0.10mg HPI, Purified water q.s. HPI, Alcohol content 66.0% V/V