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Ripanto Ointment

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A soothing ointment for burns, scalds, eczema, ulcers etc.


Burns and scalds: Apply liberally on the affected part, soothing action relieves pain and burning, should be applied in the morning and night until the affected part is healed. May be kept covered with dressing after application.

Ulcers,eczema, bedsores: Apply morning and evening after washing the part with warm water and drying with a soft cloth.

Cracked skin fissuers and Rough skin: Massage lightly to keep the skin soft. Used on the face as a light cream, also for palms, soles cracked or peeling skin in dry or moist weather.

Oleum Lini and Oleum Sesami are emollient and soothing to inflammed surfaces and help healing.

Can also be applied in piles, before and after defecation. Constipation must be corrected with SPOLAX.