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Saira is a unique formulation of ancient Siddha Medicines enriched with herbals, that not only nourishes your hair but also gives them natural protection. It helps the hair to stay healthy and beautiful and vanishes dandruff and premature greyness. To keep your hair problems at bay.Use Saira to have needful of natural looking hair in a few weeks.

What is the main cause for hair fall?

The main cause for hair fall is reported to be over heat on the scalp. Saira effectively acts on the scalp, cools the scalp effectively and thus protects the existing hair.

Prevents and eradicates severe dandruff:

To eradicate sever Dandruff it is advised to have a lemon's juice applied on the scalp for 15 minutes and then apply Saira as per the prescribed dosage and massage gently with fingers. After few minutes wash the head without using shampoo. This process to be continued for a week which completely eradicates the Dandruff . After that use of lemon to be stopped and use only Saira.

For Synus Patients

As the product, by virtue of its nature, cools the scalp effectively.


Use 5 to 10 ml of Saira. Gently massage on the Head. For better Results use in the morning.

Special Features  :

By using Saira the healing will be felt (coolness on the scalp) within 2 / 3 hours. As the above herbals are saturated (Soaked) in purified coconut oil (totally seven times it is processed) the concentration works effectively. A formula accepted for the past 193 years for its pharmacological action.