Sampushta Tonic

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Sampustha is prepared with the goodness of Dasamoola, Aswagandha and many more. Dasamoola is a cardiac stimulant with excellent rejuvenatory action, while Aswagandha is a widely accepted general tonic.


* The synergic action of these drugs has been found effective for general debility, convalescense, post-operative fatigue, loss of appetite and anorexia.

* A perfect positive health promoter, and a general tonic for all ages, Sampushta is also an appetizer and immuno-modulator.

* It regulates normal hormonal functions, nourishes immunity and is rich in antioxidants.

* This tonic aids in speedy recovery after viral infections, surgeries etc.


* Contains Sugar candy

* Not recommended for diabetic patients

* No diet restrictions. Better to take after food.


Poothikaranja, Devadaru, Kasmari, Padala Agnimandha, Salaparni, Prisnipami, Brihathi, Vartaka, Gopkshurah, Chavikam, Viswa, Chitraka, Shyonaka, Pippali, Aranyapippali, Draksha, Aswagandha


Adults: 15 ml twice after food.

Children 3-12 years: 10 ml twice after food.

Below 3 years : 5 ml twice after food.