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Sinacti Oil

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Sinactil oil is an external application that can be prescribed as an Adjuvant in the treatment of Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Tonsilitis and other Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders including Allergic Problems.

It has the Power of Potent Herbs like Brahmi, Karaskaralata, Aranyatulasi and Samudraphala which help to Decongest and Relieve.


Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Tonsilitis, Sneezing and other Symptoms indicating Respiratory Allergy.


An Effective preparation for Nasal Congestion and Sinusitis devoid of Antihistamines.
Incorporates the Blessings of Barrigtonia Accutangula and Tiliacora Accuminata in a base of Coconut & Castor Oil, which are easy to Absorb.