Sunny Henna Gold Mehandi

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It is a unique combination of Henna with Amla, Arnica, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Kattha, Shikakai, Nagarmotha along with calendula, Neem and Fenugreek powder.

Arnica, imparts natural colour and condition to Hair.

It has added benefits of Aloevera, Neem and Fenugreek powder make it a suitable product to reduce Hair fall and controls dandruff.

Calendula and Arnica heals dry and damaged hair and adds extra shine to them.


  • Gives natural color to hair
  • Makes hair silky and smooth
  • Reduces hairfall
  • Reduces hair fall


  • For Hair Take Baksons Sunny Henna Gold and soak with warm water in a container. Form a smooth paste and allow it to cool normally for five minutes. 
  • Apply this paste with a small brush or directly with your gloved fingers in small sections of the hair, from the hairs roots towards the end. 
  • Once it is ensured that your hair is evenly coated, leave Baksons henna gold to work for at least 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • For darker effect you may leave the mixture on your hair up to 3 hours. Finally rinse your hair thoroughly with water to remove henna. 
  • Apply oil to your hair and leave it for whole night. Shampoo on the next day to achieve darker effect and then condition as normal