Thamirakattu Chendooram

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All kinds of diseases due to derangement of Vaadha, Piththa, Kaba noigal (vadha, piththa and kaba doshams), Vayu (arthritis and rheumatism), Dhatu nashtam (seminal deficiency).

It increases the tone, vitality and vigour of the body generally. It is also given in various kinds of cancerous conditions such as kannaputtru (cheek cancer). Marbaga puttru/Kongai puttru (Breast cancer), Naakku puttru (tongue cancer), Karuppai puttru (uterine cancer), Nuraiyeeral puttru (lung cancer) Kazhalai/Sathumani noi (Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism) etc.


25 mg twice daily with honey after food.