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Truedent Herbal Toothpaste

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Herbal Care for Healthy Smile & 24 Hour Protection to Gums & Bacterial Growth Disorders of gums & teeth are common due to soft foods, excess carbohydrates, sweets, chocolates, cola drink, less time spent on mouth cleansing etc. Quick, fast lifestyle of present days has increased the problems, as person devotes less time for routines. Truedent protects teeth, strengthens gums & freshen the breath.



  • 24 Hour Herbal Protection
  • For Cavity and Gum Protection
  • Reduces Ainful Sensitivity to Hot, Cold, Sweet, Sour and Touch
  • Reduces Plague, Tartar and Stain
  • Offers Long Lasting Fresh Breath
  • Acts as Anti-Bacterial Against Periodontal Pathogens
  • Acts as Antibiotics Against Oral Micro Organisms
  • Enhances Whitening and Shining of Teeth
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