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Urai Marundhu (Set)

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A set of natural medicine is rubbed on a stone which is specially meant to rub medicines and  fed to child.


  • Manjal - Antiseptic
  • Vasambu – Immunity & Stomach ailments
  • Jathikkai – Good sleep
  • Kadukkai – Free bowel movement
  • Chitharathai – Prevents from common cold/cough
  • Masikai /maasikaai - Prevents the tongue from getting white.
  • Sukku - resistance to disease from bacteria 



first squeeze little breast milk. Rub the above mentioned ingredients (2 rubs for infants and can be increased according to the months up to 15 times) on this breast milk and make a paste. Apply this paste in the tongue of the baby. It can be given on alternative days or after giving oil bath to baby.