Uterin13 Tonic

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Allen's Uterin13 Tonic is effective for women heath and improves various health problems related to mensuration. It is helpful in menstrual problems, leucorrhoea discharge, headache, backache, debility, loss of appetite, anxiety, and Anaemia.


  • It is helpful in treating headache and back pain associated with menses
  • It is also effective in treating menses irregularities, dark clots, abdominal distention, and profuse pain
  • It provides strength to the uterus
  • It alleviates spasmodic and severe pain, shivering, and false pain
  • It is effective in aiding treatment of cramps, colicky pain in pelvic organs, bearing-down pains, heaviness and congestion in ovarian region
  • It helps in preventing menses irregularities such as too late, tardy menses, scanty, thick, dark, clotted, changeable, and intermittent menses


  • Caulophyllum though. Q
  • Abroma augusta Q
  • Pulsatilla Q
  • Viburnum op. Q
  • Helonias dio Q
  • Jonosia ashoka Q
  • Kali mur 6X
  • Kali sulph 3X
  • Kali phos 3X
  • Natrum mur 12 X
  • Alcohol


Administer 15-30ml twice daily or as directed by the physician.