Vallarai Chooranam

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Meganoigal (hot flush), Pramegam (Polyurea), Madhumegam (diabetes mellitus), Dantimegam (passing of urine along with pus), Vettai noigal (gonorrhoeal infections), Granthi (glandular enlargements), Neeradaippu Neerarugal (strangury), Neererichchal and Mooththira choodu (scalding of urine), Kannerichchal (burning sensation of the eyes), Kanpugaichchal (blurring of vision), Sarvaanga udalerichchal (burning sensation all over the body), Moolachoodu (irritative anus) and Kshaya rogam (emaciation). It drastically reduces the severity of excessive heat and cools the system. It is a distinct urinary sedative.


1-2 gms twice a day with equal quantity of sugar in ghee after food for 48 days. 

To obtain better results, it is usually dispensed along with either Appiraka Chendooram or Appiraka Parpam.