Zymnet Plus Syrup

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“Well Balanced Formulation to increase the Secretion of Digestive Enzymes”

Zymnet Plus a fast acting remedy for toning digestion with scientifically proven extracts from time tested herbs. Since ages, Indian herbs & spices have been recommended to combat various digestive complaints and malnutrition. Zymnet Plus is a well balanced formulation to increase the secretion of digestive enzymes, improves appetite, and relieves gastric discomfort. Thus, supports good digestion and better assimilation of food and supplement nutrition with safety in all age groups.



  • Indigestion
  • Flatulence
  • Gripes & Colic’s
  • Morning sickness
  • Poor lactation


  • Adult: 
Syrup:2-3 Teaspoonful 3 times daily
  • Children:
Syrup:(3-6 years): 1/2 Teaspoonful 2 times daily & (7-12 years): 1-2 Teaspoonful 3 times daily.